Carla B. Davis
Attorney & Counselor at Law

Serving Lucas, Wood and Fulton Counties

Carla B. Davis, Attorney & Counselor at Law

Serving Lucas, Wood and Fulton Counties

Toledo Divorce Lawyer

Ohio Marriage Dissolution Attorney

I am Carla B. Davis, Attorney and Counselor at Law. I have practiced family law for more than 20 years, and have accumulated a deep body of knowledge in the area of divorce. Over this time, I have learned that every divorce is different. If you are about to go through a divorce, you need a lawyer who understands that your goals are unique. In every case, I tailor my representation to your needs. To discuss your divorce, contact my firm today.

Even though your divorce may eventually be resolved in a public forum, your divorce is a deeply personal matter. If you want to accomplish your goals in divorce, it is a must that you feel comfortable discussing these personal issues with your lawyer. I take pride in offering a supportive environment to every client, and want you to feel as though you can discuss all of your family issues with me. My law firm will address every part of your divorce, including:

I am also ready to help you modify or enforce the terms of your divorce agreement following a divorce. My law firm also represents unmarried parents who are separating. These cases involve many of the same legal issues present in a divorce, although when minor children are involved, they are heard in Juvenile Court rather than Family Court.

With my level of experience, I am equally able to represent you in litigation and in less adversarial forums, such as mediation. If both parties are motivated to resolve a dispute, negotiations or mediation can save you time, emotional pain, and money. In addition, I will always look for creative solutions that can meet your needs. Know that I do not focus on how I resolve your case; rather, I focus on resolving your case effectively and cost-efficiently.

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If you would like to know more about how I can help you reach a positive resolution to the legal issues in your divorce, call or e-mail my law firm today.