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What To Do When Custody Is Contested

Divorce today requires a complete understanding of all aspects of marriage, family, and the financial complexities that are a part of marriage. Custody, as well as visitation matters, is one of these complexities, and I will help you understand what your rights are.

When children are involved the parties must also reach agreement as to what parenting arrangement would be in their best interests. The issues include whether shared parenting (often thought of as “joint custody”) would work best or a more typical sole custody arrangement. As your advocate, I can help you work with the other party and the court to come to a schedule that is in the best interests of everyone, primarily the children.

Contested custody matters can also involve people who have not married but have had children together. These matters can also include third parties, such as grandparents, who wish to obtain custody of their grandchildren.

You want to be sure your children have the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with both parents. Deciding how to achieve that can often be a difficult matter, but with assistance, a reasonable resolution can be achieved.

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