Carla B. Davis
Attorney & Counselor at Law

Serving Lucas, Wood and Fulton Counties

Carla B. Davis, Attorney & Counselor at Law

Serving Lucas, Wood and Fulton Counties

Toledo Post Divorce Modification Lawyer

We Can Help You Modify or Enforce the Terms of Your Ohio Divorce Decree

The day your divorce is made final is the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Despite this fact, it may be necessary on occasion to revisit the terms of your original divorce agreement. If aspects of your life have changed substantially, or if your ex-spouse is not in compliance with your divorce decree, you will need to take these issues up with a judge. A lawyer can be of great assistance in this time.

I am Carla B. Davis, Attorney and Counselor at Law. For more than 20 years, I have helped people modify and enforce their divorce decree in the years following divorce. My law firm is located in Toledo, and I represent clients throughout Northwest Ohio. Contact my law firm to discuss your legal issues.

The major issues that are subject to post-divorce modification and enforcement are child support, spousal support (alimony) and child custody arrangements. If you want to change the terms of your support arrangements, you must show that there has been a substantial change of circumstances. A job loss, serious illness or major increase or decrease in income can constitute a substantial change in circumstances. To modify child custody, you must show that a change is in the child’s best interests.

If your ex-spouse is not paying support obligations or refusing to let you see your children, you must seek remedies with the court. I can help you file a “motion to show cause,” which asks the court to hold your ex in contempt of court.

For People Who No Longer Live in Ohio: If your divorce took place in Ohio, Ohio courts keep jurisdiction of your case. If you have moved away from Ohio and want to modify or enforce your agreement, you must ask the court that originally handled your case. The only exception to this is if were previously successful in asking the court to change jurisdiction. A lot of my work involves representing helping people who no longer live in Ohio to modify or enforce their divorce agreement.

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